The CodeMeter Runtime software that is installed alongside the EnergyGauge software is extremely important. The CodeMeter software contains and manages the licenses on the computer used to run the EnergyGauge software. Please do not uninstall this software as the EnergyGauge software will not run without it. Alongside this, it is important to keep this software updated to prevent issues with the licenses for the software. If you have any questions on how to keep the CodeMeter software updated, an article on the process can be found here. 

If you manage an Active Directory domain, please ensure that when you install the EnergyGauge software you install it on the user account on which the software will be used. If the installation process is not completed this way, the software may not function properly. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact EnergyGauge Tech Support at or by submitting a ticket by following this link.