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As you may know, the Florida Building Code is being updated December 31, 2017 to a new edition. The Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, 6th Edition (2017), hereafter Florida Energy Code or FEC, brings with it updated calculation standards and requirements and new compliance options; an ERI method in the residential portion and an IECC Performance Component Alternative in the commercial portion.

There is no additional purchase required to be able to calculate 6th Edition (2017) compliance with EnergyGauge if you already have the software active on a computer. You will just need to update to the latest version. As with other updates to the software you can simply download and install the latest version to run, no additional activation required. Both USA and Summit are moving forward to version 6. With each program you will still be able to complete 5th Edition (2014) code calculations as well as the new 6th Edition (2017) calculations in the same program without needing two different versions on the same computer. EnergyGauge USA currently computes the performance R405 section of the new code. Prescriptive and ERI methods will be added later as the state has to approve the requirements for software vendors for those methods.

In order to update, if you have not already, you can simply visit the following articles on our support site and download the latest versions of either or each software. These articles will always include our latest versions so should we update again in the coming months the links will still be good. Additionally you can always find our release notes or important update information here as well.

Click here to view and download the latest version of EnergyGauge USA (Residential)

Click here for EnergyGauge USA v6 release notes

Click here to view and download the latest versions of EnergyGauge Summit (Commercial)

Click here for EnergyGauge Summit v6 release notes

If you have any additional questions or comments on the software you can contact EnergyGauge Technical Support via email at or you can submit a ticket to us directly on our support site, We also have a phone number you can call, 321-323-7255, however we will be closing with limited technical support available during the holiday season. We will close at 5pm December 22nd and reopen with normal business hours on Tuesday January 2nd. In between that time we will provide what support we can December 27th through the 29th as we know with the upcoming code change many of you may have questions. Everyone will be answered in the order that tickets are received and we will do our best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible. We will not be able to remote in to anyone's computer during that time.

Regarding the energy code changes for the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, 6th Edition, here is a brief summary of what we expect.

For the residential performance compliance method the most impactful changes are listed here:

2014 FEC*
2017 FEC*
Anticipated Effect
Reference Skylight
Less Stringent (if applicable)
Reference Air Exchange Rate
7 ACH50
(post 2016 Supplement)
7 ACH50
No Impact from EGUSA version 5.0.03
Proposed House Thermal Distribution System Efficiency (untested)
DSE = 0.88
Qnout =0.080 (now leakage level specified instead of DSE)
Impact between code editions will vary based on roof/attic configuration, duct location, ‐on some houses no changes, on others may be more or less stringent (applicable to all non‐ tested duct systems)
Reference glazing (window) area for multifamily projects
Less Stringent (if applicable)
Reference Gas Furnace Efficiency
0.78 EF
0.80 EF
More Stringent (if applicable)

*FEC = Florida Energy Code

The commercial portion of the FEC has too many impactful changes to list completely but here is a brief overview:

  •        More efficient HVAC performance for certain equipment in accordance with Section C403.2.3
  •        Increased stringency of computer room HVAC minimum efficiency levels. Table C403.2.3(9)
  •        Additional Efficiency Package options have increased from four to six for prescriptive and component performance options,     namely:

                             i.      Provision of a dedicated outdoor air system for certain equipment for Section 403.4

                             ii.     High-efficiency service water heating in accordance with Section C406.7

  •        More efficient envelope measures for certain roof and wall types
  •        Additional Component Performance option added that allows trade off between envelope components only
  •        Additional more stringent requirements for day-lighting, lighting controls and allowed lighting power densities in new and existing buildings, reference section C405


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We appreciate your patience and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and we look forward to working with you moving forward into 2018.

Thank you,

Your EnergyGauge Team