We have identified a bug in 7.0.01 resulting in the display of an incorrect message requiring duct leakage testing when default leakage is selected with the 2020 FL Code Performance calculation in EnergyGauge USA v7.0.01.

This is the message that displays on the bottom of the R405-20 Report with DEFAULT LEAKAGE selected.

These are the steps to work around this and create a report without this message.

  1. Select the Equipment > Duct tab
  2. Select the Proposed Qn radio button
  3. Enter a Proposed Qn(out) of 0.08 – this is the default leakage requirement specified in the 2020 FL Code
  4. Run the 2020 FL Code Performance calculation
  5. This message will display at the bottom of R405-20 stating duct testing is not required